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About Collegiate Shag

This is our 7th Shag Explosion weekend, and we're proud to say that Shag Explosion has helped Shag dancing to take over Ottawa and cities all over the Northwest! Chances are that by now, even if you don't already dance Shag, you've at least seen it on the dance floor already. Collegiate Shag is known as a fast dance of fun, fancy footwork. It's a great dance to have in your repertoire for spicing up fast songs with extra-crazy moves. Even the most basic Shag steps are a lot of fun to do and watch, and many people find it easier to dance Shag to fast music than Lindy Hop.

Shag Medley

This video shows clips of modern Shag dancers from San Francisco--and some of the original Shag dancers of the Swing era!

Tony and Jamie from NYC

Tony and Jamie will be joining us from NYC for Shag Explosion 2012!

Jeremy and Laura - 2010

Jeremy Otth and Laura Keat from LA performing a Shag showcase routine.

The Strictly Shag Contest at Hot Rhythm Holiday 2011

This video of a couples Shag contest in Austin, TX features some of your Shag Explosion teachers.

Minn and Corina

Minn and Corina are also from LA.

All the Cats Join In

This cartoon short from 1946 with Benny Goodman's "All the Cats Join In" features some animated Collegiate Shag dancing! Check out the dancing starting at 3:50!

A Little History

In the 30's, the term "Shag" in the US was still the word used for many local partner dances. The more risqué British meaning for the word wasn't known to Americans, so it was perfectly common for a young teenage girl of the era to tell her parents, "mom and dad, I'm going off to shag with my friends." Many regional Shag dances evolved, including Carolina Shag and St. Louis Shag. A dance craze more popular even than the Lindy Hop in many places, the "Collegiate Shag" was not just one dance, but a group of similar dances. Some say the dances evolved as teenagers took the dances they learned from their parents and added a "hop." However the form of Collegiate Shag that Arthur Murray taught became the most popular.

Arthur Murray Shag

This clip of Arthur Murray teaching Shag is one of the best-known among Shag dancers.

More Vintage Collegiate Shag

A dance scene from "Blondie Meets the Boss."

Carolina Shag

Collegiate Shag is very different from Carolina Shag, an exquisitely smooth dance that began as an off-shoot of Lindy Hop and evolved as a style for beach bums and the girls they were trying to impress, to be able to drink and dance on the beach. It's known for very smooth footwork and its slow R'nB music.

Classic Champions Winners - Michael Norris & Kellese Key

Michael and Kellese have had a lot of success in 2007 with this awesome Carolina Shag routine.

More Carolina Shag

Carolina Shag has already been featured at the 2009 Westie Bomb here in Ottawa! Would you like to see Swing Dynamite organize more Carolina Shag classes at future workshops? Let us know!

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